About Us


An Naadir means unique / rare (النادر)

An Naadir Learning Centre was established in 2013. Since its inception, it has designed numerous unique programmes for children, parents & educators.

We are rare and unique because we strongly believe that every learning experience should make us closer to our Creator. Allah mentioned in the Noble Quran, “it is only those who have knowledge among His servants who fear Allah” (Qur’an, Faatir:28).

Thus, An Naadir is committed towards providing an Islamic integrated curriculum that makes every learning experience a meaningful one, In Sya Allah.


Our Vision

Transforming towards Success

Our Mission

Enhancing a Holistic Development through an Islamic Integrated Curriculum


Our Values

Unique – Holistic – Transformational Change

Copyright 2021. Annaadir.sg All rights reserved.

Copyright 2021. Annaadir.sg All rights reserved.