“and We have certainly sent down to you verses and examples from your predecessors as a reminder for those who fear Allah” (An Nur : 24)
The Prophets chosen by Allah possessed many amazing attributes that can be emulated. ‘Know your Prophets’ is a special programme designed to introduce children to the story of the Prophets and their amazing attributes such as kindness, patience, perseverance and many others.

In this programme, children will be engaged in games, storytelling, sing along sessions and crafts. A copy of the storybook compiled by An Naadir Learning centre will be given to every child upon programme completion, In Sya Allah.

“May the awareness to the stories of the Prophets makes us better Muslims and brings us closer to Allah. Aamiin.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Know Your Prophets is designed for children aged 4 to 8 years old.

The programme is conducted during school holidays in March, June, September & December.

The programme is held in the North – Yishun / Woodlands.

2 Teachers : 10 Students

When registration is open, a link will be provided on this page and you may register your child & make payment through it.

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Copyright 2021. Annaadir.sg All rights reserved.